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    Location: Vietnam

    Configuration:A set of waste oil distillation equipment. Distributed design.


    Factory configuration:

    1 set of 15 ton waste oil distillation unit


    Raw materials: Recycling waste oil from local markets

    Output: non-standard diesel

    Procurement time:

    The customer first contacted Zhongming on January 30, 2017. In May 2018, the client visited Zhongming and also visited other suppliers, but ultimately he chose us. We signed the contract in September and received the deposit. The machine was delivered in 2019 and installed in December 2019. 




    The Zhongming team has been very professional in helping us make this project successful. Before we started this business, they provided many consulting services, such as providing documents to help us obtain licenses from the government. The engineer drew a factory layout to determine the land area. They also dispatched technical engineers with over 10 years of experience in waste oil distillation. After our workers mastered the operational skills, the engineer returned. This engineer is very responsible. The entire team of Zhongming, from sales to engineers, and even online personnel, is very good, which makes us feel safe. We will introduce them to our friends who also want to do this business.

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