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    Location: Guyana

    Configuration: 3 sets of 15 ton/batch pyrolysis machines, 1 reactor, 1 automatic feeder, 1 bag filter, 1 integrated condenser, 1 cooling tower, 1 discharge device, and 1 foundation


    Customer background:

    The customer is from Guyana and operates in the area of centralized heating. He purchased waste plastic at a low price and sold the obtained fuel oil to industrial factories for heating.

    The customer purchased four 15 ton Zhongming integrated pyrolysis machines, equipped with basic and bag type dust removal devices.


    Customer procurement schedule:

    This customer contacted us in August 2022, and after discussions and visits to our factory, he ultimately purchased a pyrolysis machine online in October 2023, which proved that his choice was correct.


A set of 10 ton waste tire pyrolysis equipment in South Africa