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    Location: Italy 

    Configuration: 3 sets of 15 ton hot air furnaces with PLC system design pyrolysis device.


    Device configuration: Design of 3 sets of 15 ton hot air furnaces with PLC system for pyrolysis equipment.

    Raw material: aluminum-plastic.

    Output: aluminum powder, plastic oil.


    Purchase time: Three months after customer contact in 2017, place an order online. This project has been confirmed by Italian engineers who have been working in the field of aluminum-plastic pyrolysis for over 20 years. They like our hot air stove heating design machine because it is not directly heated. The PLC system makes machine operation more automated. We also helped them with door-to-door transportation, saving a lot of time and cost. Then we sent engineers to Italy for factory installation. Years have passed, but this machine still runs well. During this period, they purchased some gearboxes, graphite packaging, and some small parts from us. Now they plan to expand this business in 2024.


    Feedback: Zhongming is very professional in machines. The after-sales service is very good, and they will reply promptly whenever we have any problems. Their machine quality is very good, and we are lucky to find such a good Chinese partner. Now we are their friends and they also help us purchase other items in China. They deserve to be selected.

Guyana 15 ton waste plastic pyrolysis machine