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    Location: Hong Kong

    Configuration: 20 ton waste oil distillation unit


    Factory configuration: Waste oil to diesel factory.

    20 ton waste oil distillation unit


    Raw materials: Used engine oil from local ports.

    Output: non-standard diesel.

    Procurement time:

    Our first contact was in November 2020, but due to the pandemic, they did not visit our factory. They trusted us and we signed the contract online, completing production on time. In 2022, this engineer went to Hong Kong and due to the pandemic, installation took a lot of time. After installation, the machine worked very well and the customer was very happy. 


    Profit: It takes 8 months for the machine to recover costs after successful operation.

    Customer feedback: Zhongming has rich experience in machine manufacturing, experienced engineers, and professional sales personnel. From payment issues to transportation issues, they did a great job and helped us save a lot of money in this area. The engineer is very good at organizing machine installation in a timely manner and teaching our workers how to manage the factory. We are very grateful to Zhongming for their perfect team and perfect cooperation.