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    Location: South Africa

    Configuration: 1 set 2800 * 6600 waste tire oil conversion and pyrolysis device


    Plant Configuration:

    1 set 2800*6600 10 ton waste tire pyrolysis plant


    raw material

    Recycling waste tires from the local second-hand car recycling market


    Fuel oil, steel wire, and carbon black.

    Procurement time:

    The customer first contacted Zhongming on August 30, 2020. In February 2021, the client visited Zhongming and also visited other suppliers, but ultimately he chose us. We signed the contract in April and received the deposit. The machine was delivered in May 2021 and installed in July 2021. 


    Workshop scale:

    The customer installed the factory in the workshop area.

    Investment return:

    It took about eight months to recover all investments and start making profits. They will expand the project in 2023.

Hong Kong Waste Tire to Diesel Plant